Farm Fresh Eggs by the Dozen

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

Our farm fresh eggs have always been one of our best-sellers and we are continuing to expand our Tavon chicken family.  We recently constructed a new 300+ square foot coop that provides plenty of room for our chickens to roam.  This Spring we will be adding 30 more baby chicks to increase our egg production.  Our chickens are fed only locally-sourced chicken food and a small amount of chicken-safe table scrap “treats”.  This winter we have been able to use our heated greenhouse to grow flats of rye grass as an extra nutritional supplement for the chickens’ enjoyment. Watching the chickens go at the flats of rye grass is an entertaining spectacle!  We sell our eggs for $6/dozen and have them available year-round.  Call or stop by to pick up your farm fresh eggs.