Board Members

Our board members include parents, friends, and professionals who have a deep desire to help young adults with disabilities reach their full potential.

Therese Vafaeezadeh, MSN, ARNP
Executive Director, Tavon Center
Therese is the Executive Director of Tavon Center. She is the mother of a young woman with disabilities. Therese has been a nurse for over 30 years and a nurse practitioner for over 10 years. She has spent most of her career at Seattle Children’s, working with children and teens with disabilities. She currently works part time in the Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

Cathy Dempsey
Vice President, Beacon Capital Partners
Cathy is a project manager for a development company in Seattle. She has three daughters and is involved in Tavon because she wants to see young adults with disabilities have something they can look forward to each day. She also wants to see parents of children with disabilities get some relief from their daily challenges by having a place they know is safe and educational for their children.

Bill Dempsey, Sr.
Tavon Center Chairman Emeritus
Bill is a retired Boeing Aerospace Engineer. After retirement, Bill has been active in small property development projects in the greater Seattle area. He and his wife, Joan, have a personal interest in seeing that The Tavon Center succeeds in that they have a young adult granddaughter with developmental disabilities.

Bill Dempsey, Jr.
Manager, Lakeside Industries
Bill is an executive at an Issaquah-based paving company. He is the uncle of a young adult with disabilities and brings expertise in the construction field to the Tavon project.

Molly Dempsey
Program Director, Union+Webster
Molly cares deeply about filling the gap in services for young adults with disabilities and their families. The mother of two sons, Molly has a niece with severe developmental disabilities and has seen first-hand the importance of creative, inclusive, vibrant programs like Tavon Center.

Sheila Giaudrone
Sheila has a background in education. She has been an elementary and middle school teacher. She has also worked as a special education teacher, working with students with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities in a self-contained classroom and as a resource room teacher. Sheila feels privileged to be on the board of Tavon as it strives to improve the quality of life for young adults and their families. She is married with two sons and is a proud new grandmother.

David Rimmer
David worked in the banking industry for forty years. He has extensive experience volunteering as the chairman of the finance committee for a variety of non-profit organizations. David has three grown children and six active grandsons. Having had a sister who suffered from severe birth defects, David understands the importance of the programs provided by Tavon and supports their mission.

Maggie Rimmer
Maggie retired from HomeStreet Bank after a long career in banking services and real estate lending. She is enjoying being able to spend more time with her grandsons. Maggie has always donated generously of her time, talents and resources in support of groups and organizations which assisted children in need. She has been an active supporter of the Tavon auctions and is honored to be a member of the board.

Katy Robinson
A parent of five boys and active community member, Katy works with children with disabilities in educational settings.

Erin Varriano, JD
Attorney, Schlemlein Goetz Fick & Scruggs
Erin is an attorney at a local law practice and has an adult cousin with a disability.