Q: How much impact have you had on the community so far?
A: In terms of clients served, we have grown from three full-time clients to 65 clients, both full- and part-time. We see our positive impact on the community going far beyond the clients we serve, however. It extends to:

  • the family members of all the clients we serve, providing them respite and support
  • the community members who purchase goods from us at our farmers’ markets
  • our volunteers and staff members; and
  • families of potential clients who now can see an opportunity for their loved one.

Q: How is Tavon Center any different than a sheltered workshop?
A: Sheltered workshops usually don’t provide a variety of vocational activities and have no community involvement. Tavon Center is designed to match activities to individual capabilities and has deep roots in the community.

Q: When I donate, how is my money used?
A: 100% of donations go directly to Tavon Center’s operations. To provide this high-quality program costs $20 per hour per client. To make it affordable for families, we charge only $15 per hour per client. Fundraising and donations like yours make up the gap.

Q: How is the program funded?
A: Tavon is a private-pay program. We have a respite contract with the Department of Developmental Disabilities, and a collaboration with Special Care Agency, so families can use Medicaid Personal Care Dollars to pay for time spent at Tavon. Fundraising, grants, and donations provide at least half of our funding each year. 100% of donations go directly to Tavon Center’s operations. Fundraising and donations make up the gap.

Q: Who does Tavon Center serve?
A: We serve adults (18 and over) with disabilities, who would benefit from continued, structured vocational assistance. We focus on people for whom employment opportunities are limited.


Prospective Participants

Q: What is the staffing ratio?
A: Our staff to participant ratio is 2:1. We cannot serve clients who need total 1:1 assistance at Tavon.

Q: What are the program hours?
A: We are open Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm, year-round. (See holiday exceptions below.)

Q: How many hours do we have to sign up for?
A: You can attend as little as 4 hours a week or as much as 40 hours. The shifts you can attend are from 9am until 1pm, 1pm until 5pm or all day.

Q: What is the holiday schedule?
A: We are closed the week between Christmas and New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Q: What is the transportation?
A: You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Tavon. Many people use Access to get to and from Tavon Center

Q: How old do clients have to be to attend?
A: Clients must be at least 18 to attend Tavon Center. Most of our clients are in their 20’s. We primarily serve adults with disabilities who have recently graduated high school.

Q: What about behaviors?
A: If your prospective Tavon participant is a harm to themselves or others they cannot attend Tavon.

Q: What kind of disabilities do your clients have?
A: We serve clients with a wide range of disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others.